Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miranda's belly shots

I think we could all agree that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and Miranda is no exception. This hot mama is due any day now with their first child. Pregnancy is just the beginning of the experience. Aside from preparing to welcome baby Kiona, Miranda and Harris are both full-time students at BYU. I admire them both! Thanks for being a good sport. I'm just glad we didn't push you into labor with all the walking and climbing on the tree stump :) I can't wait to see baby Kiona! Love you both

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life Happens

Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated my photo blog and trust me, everyday I wake up with that itch of posting and happens! I'm on my way to getting back into the groove of things but this past month has been a crazy and busy month to say the least--full of tears, laughter, love and lots of prayer. Earlier this month I lost a beautiful niece, Si'iva Journey Auelua and we just said our goodbyes to a dear Uncle. If you know my older sister, then you know what a sweet and gentle soul she is. Lora is someone who has a good heart. A heart that bleeds genuine care, love, and peace to those around her. She will be a perfect mother. Si'iva is her first born and although she was here for a short visit, I learned so much from her. The hardest thing for me was to watch my sister through her pain, sorrow and heartache. Is it weird to say I felt her pain?!...Well I know I've said, "I know how you feel" many times before but this time was different. Although I've never lost a child, I TRULY felt my sisters pain or because of how close we are as sisters, I shared her pain. Maybe not at the same magnitude but my heart aches for her. Even though we understand the eternal plan, I've never yearned for someone to live so much. I selfishly wanted so much for Si'iva to stay for my sister. I couldn't even bare looking at her in so much agony. Si'iva returned home, but I was reminded of the eternal perspective of things. We become so mangled with things of the world and we sometimes neglect the people and things that really matter. In my parents living room stands a picture of the 3 of us girls when we were younger and it sits in a wooden frame. The frame reads, "Nothing comes as close to what we share as sisters." Years ago, I really didn't know the meaning. Growing up with two sisters was a trial in itself but now that we are older and have our own families, it is such a great blessing and I thank my heavenly father everyday for the relationship I have with my sisters. Si'iva has taught me the true meaning behind this saying. We have always been close as sisters but for the first time I felt exactly what this means. There is always great lessons learned from our beloved ones that have passed on, whether they lived for an hour or a lifetime.

Si'iva now works from the other side and our work must continue here. I take comfort in knowing that she now awaits us. Thank you Si'iva for your short visit and for reminding me of all the things that, "really matter." We'll be seeing you. You are OURS FOREVER!