Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rissa + Franklin

Can you imagine growing up with a second set of parents and three additional sisters? Well that's how it was between our family and the Tafiti's. When we first moved here from Hawaii, they were my parents first friends. At the time, they had three girls and their were three of us girls. It was an instant friendship that soon turned into a family bond. There are so many people that fall into that "I grew up with" category, but we literally grew up with the Tafiti's. Every family vacation, every school break and holidays were spent with the Tafiti's. When my parents were ready to purchase their first home here after moving from Hawaii, the Tafiti's found a home right behind their backyard that would solidify our lifetime friendship. Til this day, there are wooden steps that lead from their backyard to my parents backyard. Now, everyone has taken on new challenges in life but we have remained close, real sisters!

Rissa is the baby and the one everyone protects, especially Sala (lol). She is the last of us six to be married. It was an honor to shoot her engagement session. I am grateful to know that she is truly happy and has found her Prince. Frank is a sweetheart and I take comfort in knowing that she will be taken care of. You are a BEAUTIFUL couple. Welcome to the family Frank. I love you both!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maumau Family

I love this family! Cameron was such a cutie and if you're wondering why his mom is holding him in more than half the pictures, well...he's a big momma's boy and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Thank you Maumau family for being patient.