Sunday, August 16, 2009

John and Sharla married!

Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, with something or someone. Such is the case with John and Sharla. I met them for the first time on the day they got married! Sharla has a soft gentleness to her, and John is her equal counterpart—with a great big smile that can light up a room. I fell in love with them the moment they walked out of the golden doors, it was a perfect fit. There wasn't a soul who didn't know Sharla and John were two of the happiest people in the world--no, the universe--marrying each other. Their smiles were contagious and if emotion was visible, love would be ooozing from their pores...they were happy, ecstatic, elated. And everyone knew.

John and Sharla met in college at Brigham Young University--woo woo--which made me love them even more! :) John, like every other male needed a little extra push to ask Sharla out. As life would have it--11 months later--Sharla found herself seated at a park near campus with musicians serenading her while John popped the big question. Two amazing souls were uniting and everyone knew.

John and Sharla...I truly felt the love you share. Thank you for allowing me to document the day when God stopped to give you the blessing of eternity. Uela and I left that day so inspired by your love. I felt so incredibly happy to commemorate your lives together and I can't wait to see what the future holds for some of the most amazing people I know!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just the Girls!

These are some of the young women of the Heritage samoan ward. I was asked to do a shoot for this months value which is "Individual Worth." These YW were so cute and unique in their own way. I loved working with these fabulous girls. They were sooo sweet and kind, which makes me wonder--was I that mature when I was their age?! Hmmmm, I would hope so. Thank you girls for taking me back to my young women days--these will be some of the best years of your life where you will make lifetime friends. Enjoy!