Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Sweet Farewell

Growing up and watching my dad and his brothers interact with their sisters with so much love and respect was such a blessing for me.

This past weekend, I bid a final farewell to my grandmother who holds a very special place in my heart. She was the last of my grandparents and lived almost 91 years. Going home to Hawaii has always been a treat for me. I can still see her sitting in her living room chair as our car pulled up in her driveway, every time we went to visit her. This last trip was different and I felt it the minute I boarded the plane. On the drive from the airport to Laie, I thought about how empty it felt and how I will miss her eagerly looking out the window when we drove up to her home. Although being back home was bitter sweet, being with family eased the sorrows. There's always much laughter, loads of food and lots of love and this time-even under these circumstances-was no exception. It was emotionally exhausting but my Mama's final day was beautiful and spiritually uplifting.

She leaves a big void in my heart but I know she would want me to fill it with all the love and happiness I can muster up. I begin with the happiness and joy of her reunion with my grandfather. I love you Mama!

A tribute to my grandmother


  1. Oh Leti, I love this post. I love your entire Purcell family especially Mama. The first thing that came to mind when I heard was how I missed her singing during fast and testimony meetings.

    You are so lucky to have had your grandmother around for so long. You are also very lucky to have such a huge family to help you get through this.

    Alofa tele,

  2. Thanks Faga. I still can hear my Mama singing "I have a testimony!" I miss her dearly and the exact thought came to mind when I first heard of her passing...Lucky to have had her around for so long. Grandparents are so special!

    Love ya!